The companies we back change the way the world works, lives, learns, and plays.

      Our goal is to invest $100M in 100 local startups that create 10,000 jobs in Oregon. Here’s how we’re doing, so far...

      61 Startups Funded

      $57M Invested

      $608M Total Equity Invested in Portfolio

      $2.0B Total Portfolio Market Cap

      3,790 Jobs Created

      46% Women & Diverse Founders


      Our elite group of investors contributes time, expertise, capital, and connections to help founders gain access to the right people and resources to grow their business, their way.


      365 Access

      We meet with companies at any stage, any time. It’s never too early to get the conversation started.


      Pre-Funding Assistance

      We work with early-stage entrepreneurs to get them ready for funding eligibility—whether from us or other VCs.


      Dedicated Expertise

      With 180 well-connected investors from nearly every industry, we look at both expertise and personality to find the most appropriate champion(s) to engage with each business.


      Weeks Not Months

      Ready-to-go companies participate in a highly efficient “diligence sprint.” Companies can quickly get a yes/no funding decision with supportive feedback along the way.


      Ongoing Support

      We stay with our companies as they grow, assisting with recruiting, strategy, best practices, and introductions—whatever is needed.


      Working the Oregon Way

      Local, loyal, collaborative, and open-minded. We’re firm in our roots and believe getting to know each entrepreneur and making the right connections is the key to developing a plan for success.

      Take the next step in growing your business. Meet with us to learn how we can help.